Servicing your Honda e FAQs | Collins Honda


Q: How many services does my Honda e need per year?

Electric cars need servicing annually. Generally, a pure electric car has these main components: the electric motor, an on-board charger, the battery and an inverter.

Q: Will every Honda dealer be set up to service my car?

Yes, every dealer in the Honda UK automobile network will be able to service your electric car.

Q: What kind of courtesy car will I get when Honda e is being serviced? Will it be electric?

Each UK Honda Dealer has access to a courtesy car of their choice however it will not be an electric vehicle.

Q: Will there be roadside or breakdown support available?

In line with the rest of our Honda Car range we will be offering roadside and breakdown support for the Honda e.

Q: Will it be the same government testing - MOT?

Yes, all motor cars have to have an annual MOT after 3 years. The Honda e is no exception.